Folkemødet – The People's Political Festival

Denmark’s Political Festival on Bornholm

June 16.-19. 2016

The idea: Folkemødet is a meeting of people and politicians, where Bornholm provides the venue for Danish politicians to debate current political issues.

All events are free and within walking distance of each other.

Each political party represented in Folketinget has the opportunity to hold a major speech

The event is inspired by Almedal Week ( ) in the town of Visby, Gotland in Sweden.


What to see?

The extensive programme covers a variety of subjects.

Most of the events are in Danish but a few is in English.

Check out the programme here. If you want information on a specific event, try out Google translate to give you an idea of what is happening.

In case you need assistance with translation, we have many nationalities living on Bornholm who could help you.

Please call +45 5692 1308

How to get there

Transport to, from and around Bornholm.

By air:

By ferry:

Car hire: contact your local car hire service for help.

Bus: Busses travel from the ferry terminal and airport to Allinge throughout the festival.


Who to meet?

The leaders of all the political parties in Denmark will attend together with government ministers, MEPs plus many mayors and councilors from Denmark and our neighbouring countries.

Lots of people from associations, interest groups etc.

...and of course ordinary people!