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Whether you are working, studying or looking for a job in Denmark, speaking Danish will give you an advantage in your career and help you get settled in Denmark. 


The Language Center on Bornholm

The Danish courses/Danish Education takes place at the Language Center at Campus Bornholm in Rønne

The Language Center offers flexible and professional Danish courses for foreigners. You can take classes in the daytime, evening and during the holidays.

If your Danish language skills correspond to the first level, the Danish Education will last 3,5 years.

Contact the Language Center to learn more about the education and courses: Language Center, Rønne - English

It is the Municipality of Bornholm who will refer you to the Danish courses. 

Price - Fee and deposit

The Municipality of Bornholm will send you a letter containing an offer to the Danish Education: If you attend Danish courses within the first five years of your residence in Denmark, you get a discount price of the full tuition fee.

See more in the Pamplet

Note, that for refugees, au pairs and family reunited with a Danish citizen all courses are free of charge.

After five years in Denmark, the offer expires, and you must provide for the whole expense. We therefore encourage you to begin the Danish courses as soon as possible and contact us, if you for some good reason are prevented and wish to extend the offer.

To accept the offer, contact Secretary Diana Holm, phone 5692 3830, e-mail Diana will refer you to the Language Center, if you make use of the offer within five years. After five years in Denmark, you must contact the Language Center directly: Language Center, Rønne - English.

Preparatory Education for Adults (FVU)

Other Posibilities for learning Danish

It is possible to learn Danish online at the private company swap language:   or at:


Language Center, Campus Bornholm
Merkurvej 10
3700 Rønne

Gertrud Klyver
Phone: 6012 1815

Director of Education and Training
Kristine F. Pedersen
Phone: 3065 0257

Job center
Secretary Diana Holm
Phone 5692 3830

Pamphlet with more information