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Job, study and doing business

Whether you are looking for a job, working or studying in Denmark, learning Danish will get you a long way.

Even though most Danish people speak English, the main part of employers demand a minimum of Danish language skills and will typically prefer candidates who are in the process of learning Danish from those who are not.

Read more about your possibilities on learning Danish, here: - Learn Danish.


Looking for a job?

Here we have gathered some of the most common job portals as well as other canals useful when looking for a job on Bornholm.

  • collects available jobs from around 500 other databases. You can search for jobs and add your CV to the database.
  • Workindenmark is a public employment service and is part of the Danish Ministry of Employment and member of European Employment Service (EURES). Besides from the opportunity to search for jobs and to add your CV to the database, Workindenmark offers information in English when looking for a job in Denmark: You can watch tutorials and follow e-learnings about how to make a CV and application adapted to the Danish context. Additionally, you can read about the Danish labour market, working culture and much more.
  • – Group: Job på Bornholm contain official as well as more unofficial job advertisements. As a member, you also have the opportunity to let the other members know who you are, and what kind of job you might be looking for.
  • Next stop Bornholm: Besides from the advice and counseling you can get from your Newcomer Guide, Rune Holm from Next stop Bornholm is also here to help you. Send him your CV and maybe he knows where your next job is. See more on their website and on Facebook - Næste stop Bornholm.

Looking from abroad? (For EU citizens)

EURES (European Employment Service) is a service for you who are looking for a job in another EU country. You will find jobs abroad and information about international job search. The web page can be translated into 26 different languages.


Foreign qualifications?

If you possess a diploma, degree or certificate from your home country, you can apply for an assessment.  

An assessment is a brief statement saying what your foreign qualification corresponds to in Denmark: Which educational level and, if possible, which field of education.

You can have your diploma, degree or certificate assessed and recognized in various ways. The assessment will clarify your opportunities and increase your chances:

  • On the labor market
  • In the educational system
  • On becoming a member of an unemployment fund

The assessment is free of charge but does not include translation of documents.  

It is the Danish Agency for Science and Higher Education that provides assessments of foreign qualifications. Go to the Danish Agency for Science and Higher Education - Foreign qualifications.


Danish workplace culture

Workindenmark explains the Danish workplace culture and offers a free e-learning course:


Study on Bornholm

Bornholm has a range of different opportunities within all stages of education.

The Danish education system consists of the following stages:

  1. Primary and lower secondary education (Danish: Grundskole, e.g. the Folkeskole)
  2. Upper secondary education (Danish: Ungdomsuddannelse)
  3. Higher education (Danish: Videregående uddannelse)

If you want a more elaborated overview of the education system in Denmark, go to the website of the Ministry of Education: - The Danish Education System. 

Below, we have gathered information on the different educations on Bornholm.

Upper secondary education on Bornholm (Danish: Ungdomsuddannelse)

As for upper secondary education, your possibilities match those to the rest of the country:

  • STX (Higher General Examination Programme)
    Consist of a broad range of subjects in the fields of the humanities, natural science and social science 
  • HF (Higher preparatory examination)
    Similar to STX, HF consist of a range of subjects in the fields of the humanities, natural science and social science
  • HHX (Higher commercial examination programme)
    Focuses on business and socio-economic disciplines in combination with foreign languages and other general subjects
  • HTX (Higher technical examination programme)
    Focus on technological and scientific subjects in combination with general subjects
  • EUX (Vocational education and upper secondary education)
    Combines a general upper secondary education and vocational education and training

STX, HHX and HTX take three years to complete whereas HF takes two years. The common objective is to prepare the students for higher education. To learn more about the upper secondary education on Bornholm, please visit: (It is in Danish).

To learn more in general about upper secondary education, go to the website of the Ministry of Education: - Upper secondary education.

Higher education (Danish: Videregående uddannelse)

As for higher education, you the following opportunities on Bornholm:  

  1. Academy profession programmes (Danish: Erhvervsakademiuddannelser)
    1. Financial Management (Danish: Finansøkonom)
    2. Service Management (Danish: Serviceøkonom)
    3. Computer science (Danish: Datamatiker)
  2. Professional bachelor's programmes (Danish: Professionsbachelor)
    1. School teacher (Danish: Skolelærer)
    2. Nursery teacher (Danish: Pædagog)
    3. Nurse (Danish: Sygeplejerske)
    4. Social worker (Danish: Socialrådgiver)
    5. Machinist (Danish: Maskinmester)
  3. Top-up Bachelor's degree in Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  4. Bachelor's programme in Craft, glass and Ceramics

To learn more about each education, please follow this link (the main part of the descriptions only exist in Danish):

The higher educations on Bornholm have their own Facebook page. Go have a look and sense life as a student on Bornholm: Facebook - Videregående uddannelser på Bornholm.  


Rules and legislation

If you are going to Denmark to study, there are a number of practical things you need to prepare. has gathered a list of practical things that will help you and guide you to the right authority.


The Danish students' Grants and Loans Scheme (Danish: SU og SU-lån)

Danish students are entitled to public support for their further education. As a foreign citizen, you must fulfil specific conditions in order to be granted equal status with Danish citizens and receive state educational grant (SU). It is the Danish Agency for Institutions and Educational Grants who administers this area. You can learn more about the matter here:

Business service - Business Center Bornholm (BCB)

Business Center Bornholm (BCB) is the local business service on Bornholm.

The goal of Business Center Bornholm is to strengthen the companies of Bornholm. Business Center Bornholm can help prioritize the tasks, initiate and develop the companies and among other things refer to private advisors in relation to marketing, raising capital, provide qualified labor etc. Overall, Business Center Bornholm's tasks are aimed at four categories of companies and entrepreneurs:

    1. Potential entrepreneurs who have not yet established CVR no.
    2. Start-up (entrepreneurs or companies between 0-3 years)
    3. SMEs - development and growth (more than 3 years and with 0-4 employees)
    4. SMEs - professionalization, development and growth (more than 3 years and with 5 or more employees)

(SMEs: Small and medium-sized enterprises)

See more here:

To read more in general about starting your own business in Denmark, go to the web site of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Denmark: 

Study on Bornholm?

See the many opportunities here:

Need advice on education? UU Bornholm is a Youth Guidance Center for young people up to the age of 30 who do not yet have an upper secondary education or are currently unemployed. Visit UU Bornholm:

Need business service?

Contact Business Center Bornholm (BCB)
Phone: 0045 56 95 73 00

Need a job?

Try Next stop Bornholm

Newcomer consultant, Rune Holm
Phone: 0045 31 21 88 80
Phone: 5692 9999

Newcomer Coordinator
Dorthe Borchmann
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Job for my partner? 

phone 0045 5692 3884

Sisse is a caseworker at the Integration department. She assists accompanying partners on their way into the Danish labor market.