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Schooling (6-16 years) and enrolment

The pre-school class (Danish: Børnehaveklasse) is obligatory, and functions as the transition from kindergarten to primary school. Generally, your child will be enrolled in a preschool class the year he/she turn six.

The public school (Danish: Folkeskole) is one of the corner stones in the Danish Welfare Society. Regardless of the social or economic status of the parents, all children in Denmark are guaranteed a place in the Folkeskole. The Folkeskole provide pupils with subject-specific qualifications and prepare them for further education. Moreover, the Folkeskole prepare pupils for their role as citizens in a democratic society as well as developing pupils' cooperative skills. In Denmark, five in six children attend a public school (Danish: Folkeskole) and one in six attends a private school.

You have a free choice of school within the public schools/Folkeskoler. That means you can enroll your child in a different school district from where you live – if the school is open to new pupils. Please note that all 10th grade classes are gathered in one school: 10. Klasseskolen in Rønne. You can read more about the school here (it is in Danish).

To learn more about the Folkeskole, click here: Ministry of Education – The Folkeskole

Bornholm have six public schools/Folkeskoler: Two schools are for children with special needs and one is the youth school, which offers both spare time activities and education.

Go here to learn more on public schools/Folkeskoler on Bornholm (it is in Danish): – Folkeskoler på Bornholm.

Sign up for schooling

Preschool class (Danish: Børnehaveklasse)

You will receive a letter from the municipality in your digital post. Should you fail to receive the letter, you must contact Placement Service (Danish: Pladsanvisningen) before the end of January.

Everyone must notify the municipality of the school desires via digital enrollment. Regardless of whether the child is going to primary school, private school, whether an application is made for postponement of the school start or the child has special needs. 

Enrolment takes place in January and you enroll your child online (this requires a MitID).  

Every year in the month of January, you will find a link: "Skoleindskrivning 20xx/20xx" on the front page of the Municipality: Follow the link to enroll your child. 

If you are coming to Bornholm after the enrollment period, you must contact the Placement Service (Danish: Pladsanvisningen)

If you need assistance for your application, you are welcome at Citizen Service (Danish: Borgerservice) - Addresses and opening hours or at Placement Service (Danish: Pladsanvisningen).

Enrollment in older classes or change of school

If your child is to be enrolled in older classes or you wish to change school, please contact Department of School,, Telephone number: 0045 56 92 00 00.


Day care facilities for schoolchildren (Danish: Skolefritidsordning – SFO)

When school is over for the day, your child can take part in a municipal day care facility at school (Danish: skolefritidsordning, SFO). SFO is for children from pre-school up to 3rd grade.  

The Regional Municipality of Bornholm guarantees SFO for children up to and including 3rd grade.

You can register your child in a SFO for at least one month at a time. Any withdrawal from SFO will entail a waiting period of three months. The child is automatically unsubscribed by SFO on July 31 at the end of 3rd grade.

It is quick and easy to sign up your child at our self-service solution: Digital placement service (Danish: Digital Pladsanvisning) (The self Service requires MitID)

If you need assistance for your application, you are welcome at Citizen Service (Danish: Borgerservice) - Addresses and opening hours or at Placement Service (Danish: Pladsanvisningen)

Questions about schooling?


Department of School, Culture and Leisure time (Danish: Center for Skole, Kultur og Fritid)

Phone: 0045 56 92 00 00

Reception classes (Danish: Modtagerklasserne)

Head of Lower secondary school and Reception classes, Paradisbakkeskolen

Annika Bayskov
Phone 0045 56 92 33 68